Monday, August 18, 2008

wychwood beautification project: aug 15, 2008
1378 Bathurst St: Aug 15, 2008

1378 Bathurst St: Aug 15, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wychwood beautification project: aug 12, 2008

1378 Bathurst St: Aug 12, 2008
wychwood beautification project: aug 8, 2008

a new cardie for the pole at 1378 Bathurst St: aug 8, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

wychwood beautification project: aug 1, 2008

1378 Bathurst St: aug 1, 2008

can you spot the new pole cardie? my needle size is growing. the next cardie will be on 12mm. it is very satisfying knitting them up on big needles, although it requires bigger buttons.

wychwood beautification project: july 31, 2008

1378 Bathurst St: July 31 2008

the tags progress and the project grows! i am progressing and have moved past swatches sewn together to pieces actually made for the pole. the red pieces were a gift from Eleni. on monday she brought in some stuff for the next swap and included were three big swatches of red acrylic knit the perfect length. i added a button band to them and they are very snuggly! they actually fit the best of all the cardies, they were knit at a worsted weight and i don't have the patience for that.

interesting things are happening. people are stopping to look at and touch the pole. my neighbour across the street (Dave the immigration lawyer) came over and introduced himself. he is enjoying my pole cardies and is envious of them so I've repatriated one of my earlier works across the street to his pole. he has one of the old wooden poles full of rusty old staples, scary.

1377 Bathurst St: July 31, 2008

1377 Bathurst St: July 31, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to the birth of The Wychwood Beutification Project(s)!

I am jealous of the pretty planters on St. Clair Ave across the street from Loblaws. This stretch of Bathurst St, south of St. Clair, has been neglected and needs some prettyin' up! I am staring by tagging knitta style. Above are my first 2 tags, old swatches sewn together and buttoned up.

I've spoken with Eden from Scratch Espresso and we'll be collaborating soon. She's thinking about metal ... as long as I'm not working the forge I'm open :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What is the Wychwood Beautification Project? My neighbourhood looks neglected and is a little ugly. It is surrounded by side streets full of big, beautiful old houses, but the main street isn't pretty. It could take a long time for the city to pay for some planters and trees to pretty things up, it may never happen, so I'm taking initiative and decorating on my own.

Inspired by an article about Knitta Please, I decided to start by tagging the hydro poles outside my knitting store with knits. I started with a few old swatches sewn together but the project has quickly started to assume it's own momentum. I am finding it immensely satisfying knitting little cardigans for the poles, but it is the neighbourhood response has been interesting. Neighbours I've never met are coming out and introducing themselves to me, the driver on my bus route was discussing the tags this morning, people have been stopping and touching them. The project was started for aesthetic reasons, but it is breaking down social barriers, which is an extra layer of beauty I hadn't anticipated.