Friday, August 1, 2008

wychwood beautification project: july 31, 2008

1378 Bathurst St: July 31 2008

the tags progress and the project grows! i am progressing and have moved past swatches sewn together to pieces actually made for the pole. the red pieces were a gift from Eleni. on monday she brought in some stuff for the next swap and included were three big swatches of red acrylic knit the perfect length. i added a button band to them and they are very snuggly! they actually fit the best of all the cardies, they were knit at a worsted weight and i don't have the patience for that.

interesting things are happening. people are stopping to look at and touch the pole. my neighbour across the street (Dave the immigration lawyer) came over and introduced himself. he is enjoying my pole cardies and is envious of them so I've repatriated one of my earlier works across the street to his pole. he has one of the old wooden poles full of rusty old staples, scary.

1377 Bathurst St: July 31, 2008

1377 Bathurst St: July 31, 2008

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